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Firstly you need to understand that all matter is nothing but vibrating energy (E=mc2). The speed at which something vibrates is referred to as its frequency, which is the number of vibrations per second. You are composed of matter and matter is made of molecules; molecules come from atoms, and atoms in turn consist of protons, neutrons and electrons, particles of energy. You and everything around you is a form of energy. This is the fundamental foundation of Quantum Physics.

When atoms come together and bond, they begin to exchange energy. When you have enough atoms, they form a molecule; if you have enough molecules, they will form a chemical. If you take enough chemicals and assemble them in order, they will create a cell. If you group enough cells together, they begin to form tissues. If you have enough tissue, they will form an organ.


Our bodies are comprised of multiple organs. Each organ has its own energy, vibration, frequency and information. Our organs also make up our systems like reproductive, immune, digestive, muscular and nervous systems. Each of these systems also has its own energy, vibration, frequency and information. 

Our emotions are vibrations, and negative emotions equate to negative energy that causes energetic blocks in our meridian systems and energy centres / chakras. Which then creates issues like cancer, tumours, diseases, mental illness, depression, anxiety and unexplained physical pain. 

When we are in coherence, each of the energy centres are running at their optimal frequency, fully open and clear, aligned along the spine, and spinning smoothly in a circular clockwise direction Our meridians system should always be flowing, any blockage will cause an imbalance in your entire body.

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