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In February, I chose echo nr 4 - loving & fulfilling relationships. I chose it with the intention to improve the area of romantic relationship.

From the first February echo session I attended, I knew immediately that it is showing up in another way. When presenting the echo, CC mentioned the word "forgiveness" - upon hearing that word, my mind went "but how can I forgive him? how can I forgive my father? how can I forgive my step father?"

Since then I started having some unpleasant tightness in my body, usually on my lower back sides, my heart, my throat. One time when I meditated on the feeling of tightness in my throat, i suddenly felt like i was a baby being held in the arms of my father.

In some days I experienced intense love for myself - i remember listening to a music after a session just slow dancing with myself and feeling so much love. This is a huge thing for me - i really struggled with self love before and when I did self love meditation, i always wondered - but how is that supposed to feel. and now i know.

The echo was also coming back to me by presenting more situations where my programs got triggered. I know i have some triggers related to abandonment. And having these situations in where I am now, allowed me to work on them. Being so triggered by these situations has been really tough, but i think echo 1 that I picked in January helped me to go through them instead of spiraling/ being in a dark place.

And this week, this echo came back to me in a huge way. My aunt suddenly sent me a photo of my father. After all this lifetime of not knowing how he looks, I finally know. It was a really emotional moment for me, i can't even pinpoint an exact emotion. there's a part of me that feels a big relief. so so so totally unexpected, i'd never imagine i'd be able to have this

so i completely agree that the echos can show up in different ways, even when it's giving hard lessons

i'm still struggling with the physical symptoms. but i trust the process, i chose echo 13 this month - to allow whatever needs to happen, happen. i feel so grateful to find this family, for consciousness and for the echos. so much love to you all ❤️


After one year of Coherence healing I can says it’s a way of life for me now. I feel so light feel like I’m flying when driving. The old car glides along. I’m sure it is benefiting too. I do talk to it positively.

Health wise my debilitating hayfever vanished in first two weeks. That was a huge noticeable change to my life. Next aches and pains left. Then the skin cleared and became soft and smooth. With the echos I notice daily proof it just is the only way to live in these high vibes. I am so grateful for you Cornelius, Dee and Blu Blu.

My grandson is called Phoenix.

I recommend you to everybody because I truly believe it is the only way of healing and living. Especially in these current times.

Thanks to family too it is like personal counselling holding space which I also share with others if relevant.

So much love and gratitude to all

Best thing I’ve ever joined.

Parastoo Nasr

Something has definitely shifted since the experience of Echo 14x for me.

During the Echo I passed out and had a lucid dream of Cornelius and Blue Blue. In it Blue and I were getting along so naturally in total joy and bliss and giggles and Cornelius handed him over to me to play with. The baby was wearing a knitted custom like a baby version of a Batman custom in black wool with his lighter skin showing were the mask and cap etc not covered. It was such a deeply happy moment when I held him. there was another part before and after that I don’t remember as if this is what was to stay with me. I think the baby was me—the me that I had lost and was now given back to me in thst moment.

After that day the “Align with my True Self” meditation that I’ve started doing in the mornings are more potent with a much greater and greater light coming through me. My interactions with others are on a different level, like the one I had lost buried and given up has finally returned.

Also when I went to do my parents taxes yesterday, the tax guy found a mistake in their last years’ return and so they’ll be getting around $1500 back.

I think Echo 14 is the culmination of all of them or rather it’s a “made to measure” for each of one of us.

Thank you Cornelius + Consciousness

Coherence Healing member

It took about 6 months for me to have an obvious break through, Id say what looked like a total mental break down. And thats when consciousness had Cornelius pick me for the first time during the session. He and consciousness went to work helping me let go and make space for healing.

I guess I was ripe and ready for big change. I don't know what happened that day, but feeling better came.

Much better! I started experiencing everything in my world differently, my perspective started to gently change.

Kathleen H. 🇨🇦

I realized earlier today that it’s been a year since I first signed up for CH. I am so grateful for all that I’ve experienced. Not sure if I can put into words the enormity and simplicity all woven together.

I feel happier in my life from the inside out; I have found a context to experience life, no longer searching for the big PURPOSE but rather expressing and enjoying the privilege of being alive by being kind to myself and to others. I have healed painful relationship misunderstandings; I have forgiven myself for things I ‘thought’ I screwed up (consciously disagree); I have shifted some very ingrained programs around fear of lack of money, let go of a lot of shit!

The sessions that we experience as a group amplify what I have always felt - that the love in my heart has been meant to be shared in the simplest and yet most profound way possible. We have the power to shift this world; starting with me and echoing out.

Thank you Cornelius/Consciousness for always showing up and teaching, sharing, storytelling the tools I need to heal myself. Also thank you D for all that you do - I think of you often and send you much love 💗.

Onward and upward 🥰😊

Lexi Stead

Ever have one of those mornings where you get exactly what you have been asking for yet in the most unexpected way?

I have been committing completely to all aspects of the OneO way of life since mid February and having amazing healing fast. I have been here 1 1/2 years and the last aspect of the OneO way of life that I had struggled with was eating in a way that was kind to my body. As many of you know I have struggled for a long time with severe digestive distress so the thought of eating veggies and fruit, which used to not digest and bring on pain, caused me a lot of stress even though I know it was what my body was craving. My previous post about my fasting experience helped me clear out so much of that fear and showed me where my digestive tract holds onto guilt and shame. A root cause of my digestive incoherence that I only just became aware of.

I use all the techniques we have learned here every day all through out the day. This morning was the awareness and release of the program of judgement, guilt, and shame. Here is one example of how everything we have learned is applied to my life daily and propels me into healing.

....This morning I felt inspired to clean out all our old art supplies and put them on the porch for all the neighborhood children to enjoy. I posted this on my neighborhood Facebook group asking others to take what they wanted and leave the rest for others. I left an envelope under our door mat and asked for either a donation or for them to pay this kindness forward to someone else. I had this vision of children with smiling faces picking out some art supplies and leaving the rest for others. (I now see this was my expectation and attachment to giving, now I will give completely freely and allowing whatever needs to happen happen without judgement.)

I felt so open hearted and uplifted. I then went into my room to get ready for the day. I was only in there about 10min and then went back out front to see if anyone was at the porch. To my shock everything was gone. It was A LOT of art supplies. I knew only one person must have taken it all. I was crushed. Disheartened. and then the anger appeared. How could someone be so selfish and not think of others? How could my generosity be taken advantage of?.... (as you can see I had some strong attachments to my giving and judgments of others.)

....Thankfully I have done all the self work of awareness so I was able to easily observe all this happening within me at the moment it was happening. I knew exactly how to let it go and release myself...

I consciously disagreed and decided to sit down right then, placed awareness on my body and felt what was coming up and allowed it all to happen. Then sent massive amounts of love to the person who took it all. I cried. It felt like old tears that I needed to release about not feeling appreciated or seen and trying to do things the right way for that validation. All from my solar plexus. I didn't feel great afterward, but lighter. I then remembered I left a donation envelope under the mat. I retrieved it not expecting anything however there was a note in there.

Inside the note was $10 and it said "Thank you so much. We wish we could give more but we have fallen on hard times. We have multiple children and now they will have something fun to do on their spring break. Thank you again."

Que in my old program of guilt and shame.... instantly I felt the sinking feeling in my stomach and the voice that said "how could you judge them? How could you assume they 'stole' everything and didn't need or deserve it all? You are so much better off than they are. How dare you get angry at them. You can buy any art supply you like... you should be ashamed of yourself...." .... I consciously disagree!!!! I CD, I CD, I CD...

I went right to my gut and unshackled myself. I forgave myself over and over again for holding onto the guilt shame program for so long. I then thanked consciousness for the signs and experience to see exactly where I needed some healing. So much gratitude for it all. I will now without a doubt give completely unattached to any outcome or vision of how I want it to go. I will never be able to judge or assume another's situation again. It feels like a whole other level of unconditional love has opened in my heart. I just want to give it all away.

I now have a lighter stomach that is continuing to digest better and better. I have had 11 days in a row of solid bowel movements and no bathroom urgency or accidents.... and I ate some raw vegetables a few of those days!!! There were a few hiccups here and there, but no victim consciousness or attachment so they are continuing to release and resolve. This is huge after 25 years of suffering with digestive disease. All of my intentions since I started the echo back in December were to restore my optimal health so I could have the energy and ability to help more and more people wake up to their true selves. I wanted to walk this path fully so I would have the experience and wisdom to help others through it all. It has taken some time but I have felt and known since the end of February that my digestive tract is being completely rebuilt with love.

I have so many more experiences and wins in my journal with how CH has helped me heal in all ways. Probably too many to post here, but they will all be on my blog on my website this year. This work has been life changing and I am so so grateful to everyone who has showed up.

Robyn Rockwood

For March, my daughyter and son-in-law asked for ECHO 1 (Peace of Mind and Inner Tranquility) as they approached the birth of their first child. My son-in-law is often quite anxious and my daughter also has some anxiety. After the birth, I was told that my daughter had never seen her husband so strong, calm and focused. I am visiting them now and they are both very calm and confident with their new baby and their new roles. The baby is also calm, coming into such a peaceful family and home. I do think the ECHO meditations helped this situation as this is very unlike either of them! I also have felt more serene since doing the meditations on their behalf. I can't wait to continue with a new ECHO each month Cornelius continues to offer them.

Katie Te Ani

An update on my last testimonial, where I shared a ripple from all the Echoes, in my life, EVERY ONE from No, 1-12... (

Even though I missed today's last Echo.....

From nowhere, an OLD dear, sweet friend I've lost touch with over the last 13 years, from the UK, has suddenly turned up in NZ, saw my FB post on my Water freeze pictures and got in touch in time to stay with me for a week before returning to England. Echo No: 4... Loving & fulfilling relationships. I pick her up tomorrow, she'll join us for CH on Friday.

Today, a random request for me to join an R & B Band to sing covers ready in time for next spring.... Echo No: 9, Creative expression and inspiration, this si on top of my beginning to findmy music family to record my own songs.

And this morning, my dream last night and the freeze this morning, which I'll post here, as it relates to the Echoe's more than just the CH sessions... Back story: Cornelius has been sharing and talking about his dreams, and for us to write them down. I've kept a dream journal on and off for the last few months, more off recently.

Echo No: 2 Spiritual Growth & Connection MY ECHO FOR FEB

After his reminder, last night I asked for a dream, a Soul dream, with a message about my connection to Water, to speak with the Queen of the Undines (the Water Elementals) and I was gifted a dream along this lines, I was in a workshop on Water with Veda who I learned this freeze technique from. The essence of the meaning of the dream was to 'Trust' myself and my connection to Water.

This is the freeze of the dream... just 3 of the photos, I took 60 in total. In many, there are ripples emanating out. One of those rare freezes - a combination of what Veda calls the creation Glyph, the Tree of Life, and then this extraordinary baby sucking its pinky... inner-child, in the womb. & the Seed of my Soul.

Coherence Healing member

Then a few months later, boom!!, another total melt down, and again, consciousness had Cornelius pick me to be worked on in the session.

This time i do remember I had an hour with CC, and in that hour the OneO family supported me fully while I had an inner battle with resistance. It was kinda painful, but I fought hard, and won.


Hi Beautiful CH Family, Hope you and your families are doing well. I started Coherence Healing in July 2022 and currently doing daily CH, You 2.0 and The Echo. My life has changed completely since starting CH with Cornelius & D.

I was introduced by Bracha Goldsmith. Starting with releasing past traumas, I resigned from my job a year ago. I ventured out on my own and set up my business in IT consulting, advisory and delivery. Having faith and trust in the Creator of All that Is. I took a couple of months off to regenerate from an exhausting job, and once I put myself on the market I was given immediate exposure to a beautiful partner that provided me with 2 beautiful clients.

It was a little scary for me, as I have never done this before, but I had met like minded people and they were very kind and helpful and supportive. Next challenge, I had alot of pain in my back and left leg 24hrs a day from Jun23 and after having a MRI I was diagnosed with 2 tumors in my spine (L4) in Oct23 and was told I would need immediate fusion surgery.

I knew that I could heal myself and set off to show everyone that I could. Of course I asked for help from my angels, Yeshua and Father, Creator of ALL that IS. I took on Echo #5 (Dec23) to boost my healing. To this day, I have no pain and know that I am healed. I took on Echo #11 ( Jan24) to show me how I can find time to do the things I love to do for ME, leisure activities as I am always giving to my Husband and 3 kids first.

I saw PInk in concert and Tina Turner the musical. I took on Echo #3 to help with Abundance and Financial Prosperity ( as I am the breadwinner in the family) and now have have my 2 clients asking me to do more work for them and another client coming on board. I thank God everyday, I am very grateful for my Life and my experiences, good and bad as it has brought me here with all of you. All of you are in my daily prayers and thank you for all your love and support over the last 19 months.

Wishing you all light, love, abundance, peace and joy. Love is the most powerful force in the cosmos. Love one another totally and completely. Nothing is beyond the power of love.

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