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Oneo has transformed the lives of more than 1026 individuals

Anna Rosa

The week after

Dearest family,

Tomorow it will be a week since Cornelius picked me at Masterclass 7 and I thought and I feel inspired to share what has happened since.

For any of you who might not know it, I have been here for nearly three years now. I am one of the Buddha at the Gaspumpers. This means I have had the privilege to participate in lots of sessions and masterclasses. Together with Greta, Takako, Nancy, Reece, Brandom, Bim.. and many more, I was in that 50 members group two...

Michele Prosser

Being in sessions since May has been miraculous. When consciousness chooses someone for healing, the healing comes through to all of us, if we are open to receive. So in the giving of love to the person receiving, we receive healing also. Miracles every single session! My son was so positively impacted by the healing he received when I was called upon. His cat was healed as well, when I applied the healing that CC facilitated for a cat to my son's cat at the same time. My son came home and ...

Mary Jane and Sergio Gonzalez

Eye Doctor Can’t Believe It!

Good day!

I am now off Valium, Xanax, Oxycodone and going off Methadone after being on as much as 100 mg a day in 1997 to 10mg 2x a day now.

I am a Jack Rabbit in a spring Meadow!!!

Went to the eye doctor and my eyesight had IMPROVED and I no longer need glasses!!!

The doc was amazed and asked me how I did all this… no walker? No seizures ?( had to leave appointment a month ago as I was about to have them)

I’m just saying this shit works!!

Have a great day...


Abundance 🥳

I have been envisioning the $10 bill in my hand a few times daily since CH asked. Yesterday we received a little unexpected check from the IRS.... of all places 😆 More than $10 ✨🌟

Lexi Stead

It rained abundance!

I've been imagining the $10 bill in my hand for a week.
In this last week I got a nice unexpected check from the IRS.
My children also got a large increase in their Empowerment Scholarship money (tax dollars from the state returned to us for homeschooling expenses).
So now my son's Rock Climbing expenses are funded for the rest of his youth career, 1 1/2 years.... and my daughter can get back into horseback riding and have that fully funded for the next 3 years!!!
The ext...

Tracy Lelo

Omg, only 73 words?? Condensed cliffnote version... before CH I had severe neckaches and headaches multiple times per week, and what I would describe as debilitating migraines more than a few times per month. The intensity grew each time to where I was wondering if there would be only one way out of this for me. Since starting CH in Sept 2022, I have had "only 2" of the debilitating migraines, but I would manage to still tune into the daily session which would then allow me to at least get out o...

Leslie Amar

Abundance !

A few sessions ago, there was a pre-session conversation where CC was asking whether or not anyone had received unexpected funds from anywhere. A few raised their hands and shared their beautiful stories. This morning I woke to up to an extra $3,000 in my account from a job I left 3 months ago. I'm pretty sure I was given all that was owed but I'm not questioning this ! Now I can pay my school tuition a lot faster ☺️ Blessings! May you all have similar experiences 🥰

Laura Kinsey

Simplifying with kindness

Two weeks ago I challenged myself to let go of healing modalities that sent conflicting messages to my consciousness. I let go of acupuncture and protocols. I promptly felt lighter. I have followed new inspirations: cleaning my home for MYSELF, cancelling reiki, losing interest in YouTube. I feel more energy and focus, and I enjoy being with myself. Last night I felt inspired to write again. Kindness expanding! Thank you.

Michelle Cowan

About the $10 in hand

Today in the Masterclass Cornelius mentioned about the $10 in the hand from last week's session and I only envisioned it that one day and forgot about it then today as he said it I realised that yesterday I went into the sweepstakes at work (I didn't even know the Melbourne Cup was on until they asked me if I want to go in it) because Im not usually into it but I didnt have any money so was going to pay it next time I was at work. So I actually won with the horse I picked ...

Junmei Yao

Received beautiful gift

For the abandance class, I only practiced once in class and didn't do anything after that. I feel I already have abandance in my life. I live a frugal life but I have everything I need. Sometimes I buy something I want. I am very content with my life and learned to have gratitute for that.

When we doing abandance class I thought I always stay at home how can a $10 bill coming to my hand? Two days later I got a deal and bought $42 worth yoga cushion for $16. The...

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