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I've walked a challenging path that may resonate with many of you. For 37 years, I faced the unimaginable: enduring sexual, physical, and mental abuse. The weight of it all led me into a deep spiral of severe depression, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. Loneliness became a constant companion, and I hit rock bottom in December 2018, feeling like there was no way out.

My struggle with depression grew, becoming an invisible force that seemed to control my life. I felt powerless, losing the strength to keep fighting. All I yearned for was to experience love, joy, and happiness, but each day felt like an endless battle in a desolate and isolated existence.


Yet, just when I thought there was no hope left, a profound awakening occurred two months before I planned to take my own life. It transformed my entire perspective on life, and it gave me a deep knowing and truth about how reality works.


As a result of this awakening, I was given a unique gift, the ability to directly ask Consciousness to help others on their healing and spiritual journeys during my daily live group sessions.


I'm not the source of the information that flows through me—it's something greater than myself, and no words can describe this experience, so instead, let me show you and witness the impossible becoming possible.

ONEO® The Book

Cornelius Christopher courageously opens up his life to show how we urgently need to change the way we treat one another and, more importantly, ourselves. 


ONEO® is one of the most influential and inspiring spiritual awakening journeys you will ever read. From despair to enlightenment, every sentence rings with honesty and bravery; the details and description of Cornelius’s Consciousness awakening with no previous spiritual insight or understanding are unbelievable; you are right there when this happens. 

ONEO® is more than an autobiography; it’s beyond words, beyond anything you have ever read before; it’s life and world-changing. 

5-Star Amazon Reviews

"A Book The World Needs To Read"

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