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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have emailed Cornelius but I have not heard back?
    Please know that I read all emails, but I am unable to reply to everyone, especially if the email has content regarding: Can you ask my Consciousness a question Can you help me or advise me on what to do next Please understand it takes me an extremely long time to write emails as I have to think about one word at a time consciously, and one paragraph or sentence can take up to 10 minutes to write; this sentence took me 12 minutes.
  • Does Cornelius do one-on-one sessions?
    Regrettably, Cornelius no longer conducts one-on-one sessions. However, he does continue to provide direct assistance and support after each live daily session addressing any health-related matters, aiding you in making important decisions, and accompanying you on your spiritual journey. In the event that Cornelius provides you with direct assistance, he kindly request that you consider making a pay it forward donation to his foundation/initiative called "One Person At A Time." Your contribution will contribute towards helping those who are in need, mirroring the assistance that Cornelius is generously providing to you.
  • Email consultation and questions
    Cornelius does not offer email consultations, nor does he engage in connecting with individuals' consciousness to provide answers.
  • How do I log in to the new website?
    If you are an existing member of the old Coherence Healing website, you only need to log in to the ONEO website using your existing email and password. However, you can request a new password if you encounter any issues with logging in. Please check all email folders, including spam and junk, to ensure you receive the password reset email successfully. This will allow you to access your account and continue your journey with us in embracing Oneo - A Way Of Life. Please be patient as we are working through any small technical issues.
  • Why do I get the wrong time zone on my booking confirmation emails?
    In recent months, we faced several challenges with displaying different time zones on confirmation booking emails, causing confusion. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. To streamline the process, we have integrated direct access to all live Coherence Healing and YOU 2.0 sessions on your bookings page with a simple click, eliminating the need for emails. Rest assured, your booking page will display the correct local time zone, so for now, kindly disregard any emails you receive.
  • How do I chat with other members?
    1. Click on my account from the drop-down menu from your login name. 2. Click on profile visibility 3. Click on make profile public or private If you click on profile public other members will be able to contact you by searching your name and profile image, If you click on make profile private, no one can contact you. If the other person has yet to click on profile being public, they will not receive any messages.
  • I requested a new password but never received it.
    There could be a few reasons why you never received your rest password email. The email you have used is not associated with your membership in our system. It's possible that we have multiple emails linked to one membership, so please ensure you are using the correct email. If you have a VPN enabled, this might prevent password reset emails from reaching you. Consider using a different web browser on your device, as some browsers' security and privacy settings can also block password reset emails. Check all your email folders, including spam and junk, as password reset emails may occasionally end up there. Please note that these emails will not come directly from ONEO but may be sent from WIX. We apologise for any technical issues on our end and kindly ask for your patience while we work to resolve them. If necessary, you can try signing up with a new email and password, and if you had a balance on your old account, we will refund the remaining amount.
  • How do I reschedule a already booked session?
    We would like to inform you that we have made some changes on the new website. We have decided to eliminate the option to reschedule sessions. Instead, we have implemented a more efficient process where you can easily cancel your already booked session. Upon canceling a booked session, the remaining sessions for the month will automatically be adjusted to reflect the cancellation. This way, you have greater flexibility in managing your sessions, and the system will ensure that your remaining sessions are appropriately accounted for.
  • How long does Coherence Healing or YOU 2.0 take to work?
    To get the best out of Coherence Healing or YOU 2.0, Cornelius always suggests giving yourself at least six months, fully committed to your healing journey, and being 100% open to this work. If you can replicate Cornelius's dedication towards you and faithfully apply all the guidance provided during the sessions, you will begin to experience rapid and significant improvements in your life. If Coherence Healing or You 2.0 isn't producing the desired results as rapidly as you wish, it might be attributed to the belief that it won't work. Our beliefs play a significant role in shaping our reality, which could influence the process's effectiveness. Our beliefs play a significant role in shaping our decision-making and attitudes. They have a profound influence on our thoughts and behaviours. When we hold limiting beliefs, they become ingrained in our subconscious, leading to repetitive patterns of thinking. These neural connections in our subconscious support and reinforce our normal way of thinking, even when we are not consciously aware of it. Thus, understanding and challenging our limiting beliefs is essential for personal growth and positive change. We can transform our attitudes and approach life with a more constructive mindset by replacing these limiting beliefs with empowering ones, which is why committing to change is important.
  • What time are the live sessions
    All live sessions are shown in your local time zone.
  • One-on-one sessions
    Unfortunately, Cornelius is not taking on any new one-on-one clients.
  • Can't find what you're looking for?
    Please visit our FAQ page if you cannot locate the information you are seeking there, please utilise the form to contact me, and I will respond as soon as possible.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    TO CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP 1. Log into the website with your email address and password. 2. Click on the orange cancel membership button in Bookings. Should you decide to cancel your membership, it's important to note that the cancellation will take effect immediately. Consequently, you will no longer have access to any sessions that were either unused or previously scheduled. So always cancel a day before the membership payment renewal date.
  • What happens to my unused sessions?
    If you fail to utilise all your allocated monthly sessions, they will be forfeited, and there will be no carryover to the following month. It is crucial to prioritise attending the live sessions; make a conscious effort to allocate time for yourself, even if your life is exceptionally busy, both personally and professionally. Your well-being and growth are of utmost importance.
  • How do I up or downgrade my membership
    1. Log into the website with your email address and password. 2. Click on the orange cancel membership button in Bookings. 3. Click on the memberships page and select your desired membership.
  • Why was my membership cancelled?
    The primary reason for the automatic cancellation of your membership might be due to insufficient funds for the recurring monthly payment. Our system typically attempts to process the payment three times before cancelling the membership. To ensure uninterrupted access, please make sure to have sufficient funds available for the recurring payment, and you will need to repurchase a membership.
  • Why was my membership terminated?
    Termination of Membership - Part of our Terms and Conditions: At our discretion, we may suspend or terminate your access to our website and resources, wholly or partially, with or without notice and without providing any reason. Membership will be immediately terminated if there is any suspicion of illegal activities, fraudulent behaviour, copyright infringement, or unauthorised recording of any Coherence Healing or YOU 2.0 sessions without prior consent from Cornelius and other group members. Additionally, any use of verbal or threatening abuse during group live sessions, including personal, abusive emails or other forms of communication, will result in immediate termination of your membership. Upon termination, your right to use the resources we provide will cease immediately, and we reserve the right to remove or delete any information you have on file with us, including account and login details. They will be no refund.
  • How can I determine the remaining number of sessions I have for the current month?
    Navigate to the bookings page and locate the "Manage Plan" option situated directly under your membership. Clicking on this will lead you to a list of all your active memberships. To access specific membership details, select the desired membership. Within this section, you'll find comprehensive information, including your session counts. Should your sessions be exhausted, you'll receive a prompt to purchase another plan.
  • Why is PayPal declining my payment and cancelling my membership?
    Our current PayPal account is associated with Coherence Healing. However, as we move forward with ONEO A WAY OF LIFE, we've made the decision to transition to a new PayPal account that better aligns with this change. If you've noticed your membership has been canceled, please be aware that this is the reason behind it. You have the option to rejoin by using your credit card while we work on the process of opening a new PayPal account, which should be completed within the next week. Thank you for your understanding during this transition.
  • I've received a gifted membership; what steps should I take next?
    Upon receiving a Kindness To Others membership as a gift, you can anticipate two emails arriving in your inbox. The initial email will provide you with guidance on how to log in to the website and book one of the 14 live sessions included with this membership. It's important to note that this membership spans one month, offering you the opportunity to experience the profound healing benefits of Coherence Healing®. The second email will prompt you to generate a new password, which you'll need for logging in to the website. We recommend meticulously checking all your email folders, including spam and junk, as these two emails might sometimes end up there. If you're unable to locate the emails, please don't hesitate to reach out for assistance at
  • I have been doing Coherence Healing for months now and still have discomfort or pain in my body.
    The healing process can vary for different physical pain and illnesses. Some issues may dissipate rapidly, while others might take longer to resolve. Negative and trapped emotions can linger in our bodies if not addressed at the time they occur. These unresolved emotions may require more time and effort to release and heal fully. Trusting the process and remaining committed to regular Coherence Healing sessions is crucial. By doing so, your body can gradually heal itself over time. Believing in your own healing and maintaining a positive mindset can also significantly impact the healing journey, as our thoughts have the power to shape our reality. Remember, healing is a holistic journey, and being patient and compassionate with yourself throughout the process is essential. By working through emotions and trusting in your body's ability to heal, positive changes can occur, leading to improved well-being and a healthier state of being.
  • Will my illness, pain, or unwanted issues return after any healing done by Cornelius?
    Firstly you need to understand that Cornelius is not a healer; Consciousness works directly through him. You are the one to heal yourself, and you must be willing to listen to the messages from your subconscious and Consciousness on what is causing your life challenges, illness, or disease and what you need to do to free yourself from them. If you aren't willing to let go of whatever is causing your suffering, which could be a negative habit or a limiting belief, any improvements from the live sessions will eventually revert back to your original, incoherent or imbalanced state. If you find your symptoms have returned, sometimes the cause is not so obvious. Ask yourself, am I being kind to myself and others? Am I practising a low vibration of fear, worry, anger or sadness? Has something changed in my environment that has triggered my reaction? Am I living a oneo way of life? Be kind to yourself as you work through these questions. Healing is often an upward spiral; as you learn and grow you will be presented with similar challenges, each one an opportunity to identify and release limiting perceptions that you may not have even been aware of before.
  • When Consciousness picks someone after the Coherence Healing session, is it specifically for that person, or do we also gain something from it?
    Active listening and offering a supportive space for others to heal can positively affect those participating in one-on-one healing moments during Q&A in group live sessions. The act of supporting others in their healing journey can create a sense of connection, empathy, and fulfilment, which can lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of one's own healing process. Even if someone doesn't feel specific sensations during the healing sessions, it's crucial to trust in the process. The power of consciousness is profound; even without overt sensations, healing can still occur on deeper levels. Our consciousness knows exactly what is needed to facilitate healing, and by trusting in this innate wisdom, profound transformations can take place. The healing journey is unique to each individual, and experiences may vary. By maintaining trust and belief in the process, individuals can open themselves to the full potential of healing and self-discovery.
  • I sometimes fall asleep during the session.
    It is normal to fall asleep during the session, and you do not need to worry about the session not working for you. Your Consciousness knows exactly what to do to heal you trust in this process.
  • I felt dizzy during the session.
    During the session, Cornelius may request Consciousness to guide a clockwise or counterclockwise spinning motion to assist in removing negative energies and incoherent frequencies from your body. This process is aimed at restoring your body to a state of coherence, harmony, and balance. Feeling like you are spinning during this part of the session is entirely normal and expected. It's essential not to resist or try to stop this sensation. Instead, relax and allow the spinning to occur naturally, as it is an integral part of the healing process. By embracing the experience and letting go of any resistance, you enable the healing energies to work more effectively, promoting a deeper sense of well-being and alignment. Trust in the process and be open to the transformative effects it can bring.
  • I can't feel any vibrations or sensations during the live sessions.
    If you don't experience any sensations during your session, it could indicate the presence of blockages in your body, hindering your ability to feel them. It is essential to trust that your Consciousness is aware of what needs to be done and is actively assisting you in unblocking during these sessions. The healing process may take as long as it requires, so it's best not to become attached to expecting specific sensations during the meditation or worrying about the duration needed to unblock. Your Consciousness possesses the inherent knowledge to facilitate healing and knows precisely how to guide you through this process. Embrace the journey with faith and patience, and allow your Consciousness to work its transformative powers. This is why Cornelius suggests committing for six months. Sometimes it takes time to clear our past traumas and self-damaging subconscious belief, loops, patterns and programs.
  • How do I access the online audio-recorded live sessions?
    If you possess an active Coherence Healing 14 or 24 membership, you have the privilege to access a collection of 24 live audio sessions. To access past audios, locate the "audio" button on your bookings page and click on it. In the instance that you're utilising a mobile phone, you can find the audios by tapping on the three white lines situated in the upper right-hand corner. Then click on audios
  • How do I access previously missed live sessions?
    Currently, online video sessions are not available. However, we are actively working on incorporating them into the website's Stage 4, for certain memberships which is expected to launch in a about 2 months time. We are dedicated to providing you with enhanced services and a seamless experience, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this transitional phase.
  • I can't find the answer I am looking for?
    In the event that you are unable to locate the answer you're seeking on the website, members' forum, or within the FAQ section, kindly direct your question to It's worth noting that approximately 98% of queries can be resolved by referring to the information available on the website. However, if your query is covered on the website, please understand that due to the substantial volume of emails Cornelius receives on a daily basis, he may not be able to respond to your email.
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