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Healing, Clearing, Balancing

This service is energy healing combined with clearing and rebalancing your energy centres / chakras. For those unfamiliar with energy healing, it is helpful to remember that everything is energy, including our bodies. When we are well and living healthy, fulfilling lives, our energy centres are in balance. This is a state of coherence. However, sometimes life conditions and even habitual thinking can shift our centres are out of balance, creating the state of incoherence. Physical evidence of incoherence can emerge as pain, illness, or disease.

While energy healing is available from many holistic healers, what we offer at Coherence healing is an unusual yet extremely fast and powerful modality: consulting your subconscious to identify both the underlying cause and the remedy to heal your condition. This is an extremely effective modality because there is no time wasted exploring hypothesis, testing one-size-fits-all solutions to see if they work for you, or ignoring the mind-body-soul connection.


Your subconscious mind understands that your pain and symptoms are not the cause of your health issues, but a reflection of life stresses, choices, environment and personal trauma. It is due to this direct consultation with your subconscious that the session can be conducted in less than one hour. We advise you to not confuse the duration of the session with the powerfulness of the service, and encourage you to review our Testimonials.

Most people experience a tangible feeling of energetic release, which can include involuntary movements, tremors, muscle pops, twitches, adjustments and even skeletal alignments. Some experience the feeling of waves or vibrations moving throughout the body as the energy centres are activated. ​ In addition to a tangible response, many also feel lighter, as if an emotional weight has been lifted.

An energy clearing helps you realise how much better you can feel in your body and in life. In association with Coherence Healing, we are extremely confident that we can provide long term and sustainable results for you and your family to maintain a coherent frequency for optimal wellness and health, making it possible to do the things you love and live life to its highest vibration.





Connect with Consciousness and Let Go of Your Past

UNSHACKLING AND UPDATE YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM (OS): If you find yourself feeling lost, stuck, unable to move forward or have a sense of deep underlying sadness, the process of Unshackling will help you move past blocks and realise the potentials you hold within yourself.  It helps you shift to a new perspective of consciousness and reality so that you are no longer confined by limiting beliefs or an “obsolete” ego. These are what hold us back from the life we want to live.


Our egos are like the operating system (OS) on our phones, and our beliefs like the apps we install onto them. As we move through life, we encounter new and sometimes challenging situations which require us to learn, evolve and adapt. This requires regular updates to our OS so that we can install newer, more useful apps. When we find ourselves stuck, it is both a sign of incoherence and a signal that an OS update is required.

By communicating directly with your subconscious mind, we help you pinpoint the origin of what is holding you back and possibly causing health-related issues.

Your subconscious mind doesn't mince words. Because of this, Unshackling is helpful in situations where it is difficult to identify the trauma that is causing the incoherence. Although people tend to associate trauma with significant events, at Coherence Healing we define ‘trauma’ to mean any condition or event that keeps you from moving forward in life with joy.


If we tend to suppress or ignore our feelings, we may dismiss and eventually forget the original circumstances that created the trauma. However, your subconscious can tell you what the original trauma was and where it is held in your body. Because it gets straight to the point; there is no need for weeks of therapy and you can begin to finally live the life you have always desired.





Receive Guidance Directly from Consciousness

The Metaphysical Mirror is one of the most mind-opening experiences you will ever experience. Whether you are struggling with an important decision or challenged by a seemingly impossible situation, the Metaphysical Mirror will help you with practically any aspect of your life, personal or professional.


It is more than life coaching; it's YOU coaching YOURSELF so you can create a better, alternative reality to what you are experiencing now.

The Metaphysical Mirror is your Consciousness self-reflecting back to you precisely what you need to hear, when you need to hear it the most. It is your mirror-mirror on the wall.

It is an essential component to evolving your ego a.k.a. ‘upgrading your Operating system (OS)’ by empowering you to realise your own self-worth. See yourself as worthy of receiving love. View yourself as an integral part of humanity. Live life from heart-based intentions in the highest vibrational state possible.


Experience true, tangible inner happiness, joy, peace and experience unconditional love for yourself and others.


Access your Consciousness Lineage

Most people typically access their past lives via deep hypnosis or hypnotherapeutic techniques to recover what practitioners believe are memories of your past lives.

The Astral Abacus allows me to access your timeline to retrieve your lineage, i.e. your reincarnations as Consciousness revealing who you are without placing you under hypnosis. I can remove the origin of any past traumas, incoherent frequencies or patterns that might have come through into this reality so you can move forward with joy in your heart.

“It is impossible to describe the Astral Abacus session with Cornelius in just a few sentences. This is a unique, wonderful and surprising experience with a huge amount of life changing information to discover our true self and our journey of life". - Bernie and Kitty.

"I had massive positive shift from my Astral Abacus session. A multiple lifetime 700 linear year pattern of being left by men for another woman/man just dropped away and with it the heaviness and depression I had experienced off and on all of this incarnation.


Awareness of other related patterns from the "I'm not enough" and "something is wrong with me" are also being seen and falling away like a domino affect. I know this was life changing for me and am so grateful for what Cornelius is bringing through. Much love and gratitude"! - Karen

Remember you are Consciousness having a temporary experience in the physical form as you.

Astral Abacus
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