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You have received a gifted membership

What is next?

Once your membership becomes active, which could take up to 48 hours, be on the lookout for two emails in your inbox.

The first email will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to reserve one of the 14 live Coherence healing sessions that come with your membership.

This membership is valid for one month from the date it becomes active, giving you ample time to explore the profound healing benefits of Coherence Healing®.

The second email asked you to create a new password, which you'll use, in combination with your email, to log in to the website.

We strongly advise you to meticulously check all your email folders, including spam and junk, as these two emails may occasionally be directed there.

If you encounter any difficulty in locating these emails, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance at

To initiate your transformative journey, once logged in, click on the orange book button to begin your journey of change.

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