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Our Kindness to Others Membership

We are truly grateful for the incredible support and kindness you have shown by sharing our Kindness to Others membership with your family and friends and by introducing them to the transformative world of Coherence Healing®.


Your generosity has made it possible for your loved ones to experience the profound benefits of Coherence Healing® through 14 live sessions over the course of an entire month. This gift of healing and self-discovery has the potential to impact and transform their lives significantly.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance and positive effects of your actions. The ripple effect created by your kindness extends far and wide, touching the lives of those closest to you and countless others. 


All Kindness to Others membership payments directly support our One Person at A Time initiative, enabling us to pay it forward and assist those most in need.


From our hearts to yours, Cornelius, D, Phoenix-Blue, Zelda, and Link


Why are you donating today?

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