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/ Pronounced: One-oh /


1.   A Way of Life
2.   Living from the heart awareness of the mind
3.   Enlightenment of eternal life, the acceptance of I and one with yourself

4.   The awakening of truth

Circle and Dot:

1.  The circle symbolises Consciousness, the eternal nature of our existence, and the continuous cycle of life, death, and rebirth without a beginning or end. "enlightenment of eternal life."


2.  The dot symbolises the origin of all creation, the singular point from which everything emanates. It also signifies the individual's unique expression within Consciousness and permeates every aspect of creation. " the acceptance of I."


3.  Together they signify the awakening of truth within this truth; there are no limitations, constraints or ego, and the ability to manifest and bring forth desired outcomes into physical reality. "one with yourself.”


Oneo is more than a holistic modality; it's a way of life. Bringing you back to the truth you have always been searching for.

Oneo has transformed the lives of more than

Our Services

30 Min
Coherence Healing ®

Coherence Healing offers a truly unique and unparalleled experience. During these sessions, we focus on physically elevating your vibrations and addressing any incoherence, illness, unexplained pain and disease within your body.

30 Min
You 2.0 ®

The YOU 2.0 program is a life-changing journey that involves challenging and questioning your restrictive beliefs through conscious observation of your thoughts and changing the story you keep telling yourself. Until a new way of life emerges.


Oneo has transformed the lives of more than



"Unveiling the ultimate truth cannot be acquired solely through the consumption of written materials or online resources to understand the truth; one must experience the truth."

Our Mission

To help heal this world one person at a time, starting with you.

5-Star Amazon Reviews

"A Book The World Needs To Read"


ONEO® The Book

Cornelius Christopher courageously opens up his life to show how we urgently need to change the way we treat one another and, more importantly, ourselves. 


ONEO® is one of the most influential and inspiring spiritual awakening journeys you will ever read. From despair to enlightenment, every sentence rings with honesty and bravery; the details and description of Cornelius’s Consciousness awakening with no previous spiritual insight or understanding are unbelievable; you are right there when this happens. 

ONEO® is more than an autobiography; it’s beyond words, beyond anything you have ever read before; it’s life and world-changing. 


Immerse yourself in the world of truth and authenticity as you witness real individuals engaging in in-depth discussions, genuine conversations, life-altering breakthroughs and profound healing, from selected daily live sessions.

Our channel offers a unique opportunity to be a part of unfiltered exchanges that delve deep into the core of personal growth and self-healing.

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